One of the most exciting opportunities for an aspiring business is the ability to promote your vision in a meaningful way where it will be the most visible.  My expertise and vast training can come to your aid!

Would you like a website?  Contact Me now!  I will help you!

Website Design: WordPress

While I am capable of designing a website out of pure HTML coding, I am the BEST at using WordPress templates to build the design.  I am completely comfortable in all aspects of setting up and maintaining your website for longevity and usability.  I can also teach you to maintain it yourself!

Some additional features may or may not be available with a basic setup, and would require additional hosting or programming options.  if you share with me the need for such items, I will guide you through the process to achieving your needs.

Graphics / Logo

If you have any graphical needs, I would be happy to assist you!  I have an artistic eye, and as needed by any website or print project, am confident that I can come up with a logo design to suit your logo needs!  In most cases, logos can’t be used for everything.  So some planning or redoing might be necessary for your image to be appropriate in the space required.  If you do have a logo already, I am more than happy to use it!

Online Marketing / Branding

Do you have a lot to say about your business but don’t know how to develop a plan for your website?  Do you feel like your website has too much information on it?  Do you have a website, and you don’t like it?  Is your website not living up to your expectations?  Well chances are, all you need is a fresh new look at your Marketing Strategy and Branding.

I am the BEST at it!

I will go through your website, and show you how to limit and reduce any redundant information, corrections to grammar, and share with you possible ways to better display your content.  My goal would be to give you that overall polish that you are looking for!

Interested in learning more?

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