This is one of the major parts of my training.  I have a degree in Music Recording and Sound Reinforcement.  Of all of the things learned during my time in College, I have chosen a few parts to specialize in.

Stage Management

Do you have an event where you need to have a stage, a speaker, or any amount of musical performances?  I have the skills to manage a stage where it is required to have constant entertainment with no delays caused by technical problems.

Not only do I have the skills, but for many stages, I own gear appropriate to cover the audio needs for most large rooms as well.  While my gear isn’t for rent, I am available to help you run your venue for the evening.  With my experience, you are guaranteed to be able to host a spectacular event!  If the stage is running well, and time permits, I would also be willing to snap a few quality photos with my camera!

If you need a stage manager with the confidence to guarantee a successful show, Let Me Know!


I have a great eye for photography and knowing what images will perform best for certain functions.  My skills in this respect are most certainly not ‘point and shoot’.  I know how to frame my photos that will best ‘tell a story’ with the images that I seek to take.  While I could set up a studio area for your photo shoot, I prefer to take photos in live action style!

Perfect for: Weddings, Events, Concerts, Website Content, etc.

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Video Engineering

As with photography, I have a great eye for what shots will tell the best story.  I am able to edit the video in my mind as I am making certain shots so that when I get to the editing desk, the story being told comes together faster.  I have a variety of cameras, am willing to use footage provided by others in the final product of our movie if appropriate.

I enjoy using a blended approach where possible that uses both video, photos, and graphical overlays to incorporate the best artistic flair to your project as required.  My projects are very appropriate for burning to DVD as a keepsake for you to enjoy over and over.  They can also be exported to YouTube or a variety of other formats.

Perfect for: Weddings, Events, Concerts, Website Content, Instructional Videos, etc.

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Audio Recording

Last but not least, audio recording.  I have a professional music recording studio and 15 years of hands on experience.  I can record up to 16 tracks at once with my current setup.  If you and your band can carry a tune, in an evening, we could have a working demo that you can have completely edited and mastered within a week!  It is very possible that I could record live-on-location for your events also!

Other projects might also include: Voice Overs, Audio Book Recording, Live Events, Instructional Videos, Etc.